Long Island Pet Loss Support Services

Many people don’t understand how difficult it is to lose a beloved animal companion. Sometimes friends or family members tell you to get another pet, or to “just get over it already.” The truth is that the grief you feel is absolutely normal and should be validated, not dismissed or belittled. Most of the time people don’t mean to cause you pain, they just don’t understand. I do understand. Having gone through the process of losing a pet more than twelve years ago, I remember the grief I felt as if it were yesterday.

I offer a three-session program to help Long Islanders deal with the loss of their pets.

The program offers

  • Support for adults, children and families grieving the loss of their pet
  • A comforting environment in which you can express your feelings
  • Concrete suggestions on what you can do to to help you survive the journey
  • Techniques to help you integrate your loss and move forward with your life

Get answers to your questions:

  • How can I deal with my grief?
  • Is there something wrong with me for feeling so sad?
  • Why don’t people understand the depth of my despair?
  • Will I ever get over my sorrow?
  • How can I help my children understand and deal with the loss of their pet?
  • What can we do as a family to help us grieve and heal?
  • How do I decide if or when I should get a new pet?

For over 30 years as a Licensed Clinical Social Worker, I have been helping clients deal with separation and loss, relationships, and overcoming obstacles that inhibit living a full and satisfying life. A significant portion of my practice consists of enabling Long Islanders to cope with the loss of their beloved pets. I can help you move ahead in your life–not by “getting over it,” but by turning your grief into warm memories and empowering you to feel whole again.


Some Companies Letting Employees Take Time Off Work After Pet Dies

- CBS News -

Click on the picture below for a CBS news clip featuring Janet Zimmerman, speaking about the importance of pet bereavement time off from work.

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